all using the essential oils you likely already own

The simple, proven step-by-step mastermind to help you get out of your own way, crush your goals and cultivate a life you love with grace. 

The transformation Source

AFT w/ Kristen Maple

You want so badly to have a steady, even-keeled flow to your days, free from the Eeyore-like ~mood~ that chimes in on bad days, or the Regina George one that swoops in on the worst days. You want to feel alive and on purpose again. 

Listen up: no amount of little amber vials or diffusing or blending or rolling can seem to dent the reality—sometimes, being the unique mix of dreamer, nurturer, and go-getter you are is kinda … well … a lot to process.

A lot of dreams, a lot of decisions,
a LOT of emotions.

Which means one minute you’re seeing visions of your starry-eyed daydream (maybe something as simple as an outdoor picnic with the kids, or maybe something as big as getting those business ideas off the ground)

… and the next, you’re sluggish, doubting everything, and tearing up because once again you have reverted back to the same old, self defeating habits. No matter how many books you read, seminars you attend or courses you take   you just can't seem make significant progress, that you know deep down you are capable of. 

But you can’t, because if you slow down, you’ll hear about it from all the people (adult-sized and child-sized!) depending on you.

… until you drop the $5 carton of farm-raised eggs you literally just bought from Whole Foods on the kitchen hard-wood floor.

Because you’re back at it, another day, another marathon. Umm, when did you get to the age that you’re jealous of toddler nap time—3 p.m. and you want (need? yup.) a breather EVERY day. You’re singing Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive [Until I Get My Reading Time & Lavender Oil]” as an anthem ...

...Aaand that’s it. You’re done. Screw the intention setting—it’s not gonna be pretty for the next person to walk in the kitchen … because mama needs some help releasing the self defeating thoughts, tension, and piled up fears—fast.

It’s not like you’re asking for life to be a Stress Away -scented spread from GOOP magazine …
… you just want a little more clarity, a little more peace,  a little LESS moments at the brink.

The misty-mirage of starting the day with some yoga or meditation, intention-setting, and journaling before dabbing Geranium drops in your moisturizer seems so far away.

But let’s face it: “ THIS.” is no way to live life. Plus, it makes you feel like a soulless, worthless wreck when you fall short, give up on yourself + then snap at the people you love, all due to something going on inside YOUR head.

You wouldn’t be replaying all the ways you fell short, because it didn't happen

What would you give to curl up after a healthy family dinner, sip on some Ningxia red (or merlot, no judgement) and let your mind's ticker tape scroll through all the ways you loved—even SERVED—you and your people well that day?

Oh, mama—you are so worthy of and deserving of this (and hey, a weekend spa + yoga retreat, while we're at it.)

I CAN hook you up with your inner confidence and calm. 

Because I want you—and the people you do life with—to experience YOU at your best, most radiant self, since as you well know, life's short.

There's grass to feel between your toes, kisses to give, businesses to start, ADVEntURES to take and tiny imaginations to shape.

While I can't hook you up with the wellness getaway,

And your memories, emotions, thoughts … they all get stuck in our mental space
Specifically, those negative thoughts and beliefs are cozied up in our amygdala, which—according to research, and affirmed again in a recent NYU study—is only accessible by your sense of smell.

Not taste.
Not touch.
Not sight.
Not talk 
But our sense of smell.

Something you have access to with a tools like essential oils, because scent can be a powerful flashlight to identifying why your thoughts meander to the same repetitive, negative beliefs ... so you can release and replace them with lasting truth, in order to make lasting change, and live a life of purpose and peace.

You’re a smart cookie. You know your subconscious is so incredibly powerful in it's capacity to control 90-95% of your actions

True peace comes from letting go of lies and stepping into truth.


You see it has been proven. Your sense of smell is one of the only tools with the power to unlock parts of the subconscious mind where trauma and negative programing is stored, unlike anything else.

I know you are a smart cookie and already know that 90-95% of our actions are subconscious.  You don't need me to tell you this, it is clinically and biologically supported.

So it is safe to say that if we want significant change in our lives we must first begin with the programming running our subconscious mind.

the Science

The Aroma Freedom Technique

The Transformation Source leverages that science through the powerful 12-step Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT). 

As a certified AFT practitioner (and yes, obsessed oily nerd!), I've studied with Dr. Benjamin Perkus—developer of the technique—and his simple, gentle methods, passing it on to hundreds of other essential oil lovers to implement into their lives in order to break free from the bondage of their limiting subconscious beliefs and


The simple, proven step-by-step method of removing mental blocks that are keeping you from where you want to be—all using the essential oils you likely already own.*

*(Or the ones you could snap up in a pinch with a starter kit from YoungLiving!)

Uummm...YES PLEASE! I am all about letting go of what no longer serves me! 

The Transformation Source

In 2014 after running a 10 year, successful photography career, followed by the birth of my two children, I began to struggle with mental and physical health issues that resulted in panic attacks, depression, extreme exhaustion, self doubt, weakened immune system, severe adrenal fatigue and more.

Until one day I met an angel of a woman, who introduced her to Young Living Essential oils and all of that changed. While essential oils, as well as diet and lifestyle, were a huge part of my physical and emotional recovery, it wasn't until I discovered AFT that I was able to fully grasp the full potential of the essential oil bottles that were swiftly taking up space in my home.  

In the spring of 2018 I was introduced to The Aroma Freedom Technique and was blow away by the power of my first session. I knew instantly that this was a tool that I MUST share with the world. 

Even after 20 years of 12 step work, therapy, one-on-one coaching, online courses, personal development books and more I still found myself repeating old habits, behaviors and struggling to fully implement what I was learning from these incredible sources into my life and having it stick...until I found AFT.

I got certified right away, began doing sessions for myself regularly with colleagues and quickly started to get my life back, and more importantly, my joy! 

I was achieving things I had struggled to achieve for years in an incredibly short amount of time. There was no denying that the way I was showing up for myself was radically different. It was finally easy for me to do so. 

 I no longer felt like I was pushing a boulder up a a hill. My subconscious mind was finally doing the heavy lifting I never knew I needed. 

I quickly learned that the reason AFT was the missing link to my personal development and spiritual work was because of the science behind the way our brains function. 

For the first time I was able to experience the power our sense of smell has to transform the subconscious mind, and in turn, our actions and our life. 

I know the impact this work can have in your life and in turn the world, which is why I created The Transformation Source. 

You now have access to this incredible tool at anytime of the day, no matter where they were in the world and I am over the mood, giddy about it!

I can't wait to see you come alive sweet friend!  

hi, I'm

Kristen Maple

In The Transformation Source  you'll discover...

Step by step coaching through the Aroma Freedom Technique - get unstuck from YOUR mental hurdles and thrive

When you understand how your thoughts lace together, you can start to piece together why intention setting alone just simply isn't enough to create lasting follow through in your relationships, businesses, personal and financial goals. 

Or why implementing all the wisdom you have absorbed from the myriad of inspiring podcasts, courses, self-help and business books just isn't making much traction - leaving you still standing on the sidelines of your life.

 I’ll provide the tools and lead the practice sessions based in the science you need, so you can get to the source of what is underneath those pesky repetitive habits, solidify intentions, and clear away the self defeating lies that have crept into your brain and rooted in—get ready to free them up, and shake them out.


The goal is to teach you a technique so you can have a plug-and-play process every time you need a breather, but—it’s easy to have that “am I even doing this right” feeling as you learn what’s inside Finding Freedom. That’s why we’re aiming for a cheerleading community as you clear out the cobwebs to keep you moving in the right direction. 

Live and Pre-recorded AFT sessions, with on-the-go access - to turn the bleak of days into BLISS

You know in counseling or therapy when they teach you that mental trick that you circle back to on “off” days? You’ll start to see Finding Freedom as an amplified superpower version of that! 

You’ll get each step explained simply and thoroughly along the way. All that's left for you to do is sit back, smell your oils and let science and nature work it's magic. 

Live-Virtual, Group AFT Sessions

You don't have to do this alone with daily access to Kristen and a crew of other oily friends that are working through the same techniques you are.

What you can expect:

A private Facebook group—sure, you're in some groups, but this one's different—only supportive, fellow-AFT practicing essential oil lovers on the web (aka the type of people you'd for SURE grab a matcha latte with)

Ask questions, post your comments, get ideas for intentions, ask for feedback on your goals, and share your progress with Kristen and the group

On-Demand Trainings

Checklists, Intention Guides + Insider Resources

You don't have to do this alone: Inside Finding Freedom, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the 12-part process that is Aroma Freedom Technique as many times as you need it.

Get ready to have a ready-set tool to bust through the tough moments and come back to your truest self, the one alive and full of purpose.

What you can expect:

Pencil in your monthly session, so we can S L O W down and clear on your next right actions needed to rock those relationships, goals and self care, even as technology’s conveniences are speeding everything up—including the amount of expectations and demands on you

Discover more self-love, peace, improved self-esteem, compassion, motivation, 
and clarity on how to be your best, most serene self - Think Mother Teresa meets Beyonce

Access to the Private Members Finding Freedom Community

Access on-the-go previously recorded sessions, similar to a guided meditation,  you can instantly download and work through during a 30 min. morning routine (or naptime!)

What you can expect:

The curriculum consists of short, video or audio lessons (pick your style!) that are anywhere from X to X minutes. You can watch the monthly live sessions, or hit play on these and jump into an on-demand session.

On-Demand Trainings feature popular topics like ...

* Relationships
* Money-mindset
* Curbing cravings
* Self-care
* Goal-setting
* Habit shifting
...and more

Access to all my 1-on-1 coaching tools and worksheets.

What you can expect:

* The Feelings Wheel Printable
* 10 gut-check starter steps to setting a powerful intention (and a few examples of
Oils that you can lace into them)
* 20 examples of self-image transforming goals 
* 10 examples of relationship-focused affirmations to set
* 15 examples of finance-focused affirmations
* 22 swipe affirmations for focusing on self-care and curbing cravings
* 25 examples of goal-setting affirmations

Here's What's Inside: 

Carlotta L. YL EO Leader/SAHM 

"I can confidently say I am changed for the better after my AFT sessions with Kristen. At first I didn't know what to expect, but I trusted Kristen's guidance. Tears aren't required for the process, but they came rolling involuntarily and what a release it was!!! This practice helped me identify core issues that have shaped me for years, bringing them to light and gave me tools to continually release them from my being. I can't wait for my next session!"  

What people are saying


Ryann D. -  Entrepreneur/SAHM

Doing AFT with Kristen has transformed my life and my soul. Her gentle demeanor, kind heart and true passion for what she does unlocked within me a level of healing I didn't even know was lacking in my life. I noticed a profound peace just after one session. She is a gift to this world as is her work. 

What people are saying


Since AFT I have been able to remain more calm and peaceful in the midst of chaos. I also feel a sense of lifting of feelings in my relationships that were heavy. Internally there were some things keeping me bound, but I feel a shift there. It's incredible! 

Andrea H. CEO Hive Home/SAHM

What people are saying


I didn't know what to expect other than an aromatic experience, but this was truly therapy in a gentle, yet deep way, leaving me grateful and on the road to further healing of past emotional wounds and trauma as well as greater clarity. I want to share this excellent tool with everyone!

Andea B. Creator of Hive Home/SAHM

What people are saying


I have never experienced such a significant shift in serenity and confidence as I have doing AFT. I was able to heal and let go of resentments and fears I never even knew I was still carrying. I feel alive and on purpose after each session. I wish I could do this work with Kristen every day. It is powerful!

Teresa A. - Netcam-LA

What people are saying


My AFT session with Kristen was incredibly uplifting and healing. With Kristen's guidance I was able to identify and address mental blocks, feelings of unworthiness and heal from past trauma. I was able to release and heal what was not longer serving me and it brought so much freedom and relief.  I left the session feeling energized, joyful and full of peace. I used my power pose and affirmation daily for two weeks and still use it now when I need a confidence or mood boost, particularly before meetings or big projects. It has truly been a gift!  

Jessica C. - Photographer, Jessica collins photography-TX

What people are saying


Say, "YES!" to Finding Freedom, to your family, to your goals, and the newfound self-confidence, peace and clarity you’ll find. 
Don't go through another frustrated moment exploding at your loved ones, running on the hamster wheel of life, going nowhere fast, or giving up on your dreams ...

That's why I've made The Transformation Source available to you for less than the cost of a manicure — you know, the one with the head and shoulder massage you count towards your "me time."

it would cost anywhere from $600/mo.-$3,600/half a year to work weekly one-on-one with a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner like me. And significantly more for daily sessions like you will receive in finding freedom 

Yes! Oh my gosh,


I'm so confident that you'll experience a mindset shift in just 14 days working through the 12 steps inside Finding Freedom, that I invite you to hop in as a member and decide if it's right for you.

You'll be fully supported every step of the way by me—and the other members alongside you on the AFT journey inside our private community.


You can get started right now—no need to wait ... you can be dripping Frank (Lavender, Release, Stress Away ... pick your poison!) into your palm in just minutes, and drifting off through a coaching session that can unhitch that mental stumbling block that just can't seem to quit. 

And if you've followed the 12-steps through at least 2-3 trainings and you're still as feelings-clogged as the Trader Joe's line on a Saturday, you'll get your money back. Click here for more details.
You've got nothing to lose.
(Well, except that 5 p.m. verge-of-tears witching hour feeling)



What would you give to …

… Stand bare-foot in the grass on the way to your mailbox, pausing for a moment of stillness and truly feeling it 

… Dole out snacks at the 3 p.m. refuel hour, revamping for the marathon that is the rest of the day, but feeling like Beyonce instead of haggard and worn down?

… Watch your house practically clean itself, because your mental Tazmanian devil found it's way out and has ceased creating chaos and clutter. 

… Have the clarity and alignment you need to crush those goals with confidence, grace and ease (can i get an amen?)

… Curl up for a phone-free night connecting with your beau, swapping gratitude stories and flirtatious grins over Whole Foods take-out by the fire before heading into your nighttime shutdown routine, because you danced through your day with energy to spare. 

What’s beautifully side-stepping your next self sabotaging moment worth to you, my oily friend?

While there’s no way for me to hold your feet to the flame or force you on this one, know that not all essential oils are created equal. The method I teach inside The Transformations Source is dependent the specific blends of Young Living Essential Oils hand selected w/purpose by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, (so, that lavender you picked up on your latest Target dash is probably a no-go, simply due to the quality of it … in a nutshell, Young Living Essential oils are required for results). 

Is this just for young Living users?

Here’s what others have wondered before hopping inside the Transformation Source community:

You're already seeing how peppermint pumps you up and a whiff of lavender winds you down before bed. But what The Aroma Freedom Technique does is go levels deeper, moving through your mind-map, to the place where memories are hidden (to take you back to high school anatomy class, this is your brain's limbic system—which that smell-ready olfactory nerve leads riiiiight to). … Using a proven 12-step, systematic process to 10x simple aromatherapy.  

What’s the difference between this and aromatherapy?

I’d jump in asap! They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. You will find that in clearing your subconscious of negative emotions, worries and the like, that you end up with more time, being more productive, more at peace and are able to simply accomplish things with much greater efficiency and ease. It doesn’t matter when you do these—it’s not like a big, long online course or anything. As soon as you jump in a session, you’ll start to experience freedom and the more you practice the technique the more freedom you will begin to experience. 

I know I need this, but I can't start it for a few months—should I jump in now, or wait until I can start listening to the lessons?

You could be a business builder or be brand new to the YL family, with your essential oil starter kit on the way. No two essential oils paths are the same.  In the Transformation Source all you need to begin resides in your starter kit. 

If you are not yet a Young living member, contact the person who sent you here to get enrolled.  If you found Young LIving through me then scroll down to the link to purchase your kit at the bottom of this page.  Your first month of AFT is FREE when you do!  

How familiar do I need to be with essential oils to jump in?

You could be a business builder or be brand new to the YL family, with your essential oil starter kit on the way. No two essential oils paths are the same.  In the Transformation Source all you need to begin resides in your starter kit. 

If you are not a young living member nor do you have your starter kit, contact the person who sent you here to get enrolled.  If you found me through me then scroll down to the link to purchase your kit at the bottom of this page.  Your first month of AFT is free when you do!  

What is the schedule for the live sessions.  How will I be notified and what if I can't make the live?

Live sessions will run once a month.  The dates will fluctuate to accommodate various schedules and will be sent out prior to each month.  You will also receive a text message as a reminder with a link prior to your live session, so you don't miss it. 

Not to worry if you can't make the group session! All sessions will be recorded and available for you to playback via facebook as well as your personal online library along with pre-recorded audio sessions to listen to, similar to a guided meditation.  You can playback as often as you choose. 

What is the schedule for the live sessions.  How will I be notified and what if I can't make the live?

Not a problem! Send us a message in the chat box on this page.  We will be notified and get right back to you! 

Always happy to help!

My question isn't covered here—who do I contact?

It’s time to get a go-to tool to getting more confidence and serenity in your life, feeling like that weight was lifted.

Think of it as a daily reference tool, tucked right in between your journal and devotional guide.



your Young Living essential oil kit holds the key

See you inside!